Special Guests for 2022

The Atlantic Nationals is Proud to Present ...
Our 2022 Grand Marshall


Hot Rod Legend and Our Very Special Guest Over The Years, Gene Winfield!


Gene has not only been coming to the Atlantic Nationals for a number of years, he is also one of our most ardent supporters and has pointed many high profile hot rod artists and builders our way.  He's become a fan favourite over the years, making countless friends, and hosting more than his fair share of hands-on training sessions and demonstrations.

This year we are proud to announce Gene as our

2022 Atlantic Nationals Grand Marshall.

Please Welcome Our Special Guests

Kevin Shielle.jpg

Kevin (Kevdogg) Schiele, of Bitchin' Rides & Kindig-It Designs!

You've enjoyed his antics on Bitchin' Rides and now is your chance to meet Kevdogg in person at the 2022 Atlantic Nationals!


East Coast Artie, pinstripe artist extraordinaire!


East Coast Artie, aka Art Schilling, literally wrote the book on pinstriping (it's called Pro Pinstripe Techniques) and he'll be showing off his skills at this year's show.

Legendary Hot Rod Builder, Gene Winfield,
and Award Winning Hot Rod Builder, Kent Writtenberry,
along with the AtNats team will be chopping a top
at our annual Cool Car College in the park

Two of our favourite (and fans' favourite) guests of the Atlantic Nationals are Gene Winfield and Kent Writtenberry.

Gene is a legendary designer, painter, and builder in the Car Culture whose work is as relevant today as it was in the 60s.  The Winfield Fade is his trademark and he travels the world to help and inspire builders turn their dreams in to motoring reality.  He loves coming to the Atlantic Nationals, and we love him for it.

​Kent is an award winning master fabricator with a talent for building radical rides with endless style and a knack for creating masterpieces.  At first glance, some of his builds look stock, but the longer you look, the more you see, and the subtlety of his genius soon comes to light.