Pinstripers' Paradise

Von Hot Rod

Master of the Fine Line


A master pinstriper, Von has great advice, steady hands, and is always in a great mood.  He's one kool car guy who can make a show come to life, so don't miss out on your chance to talk to Von and see the stripes that he's layin' down.

Charlie Decker

aka One Arm Bandit


Charlie Decker, aka One Arm Bandit, is bringing his brushes and his talent back to this year's Atlantic Nationals. This guy can lay down some tight crisp lines and has a solid reputation throughout the hot rod scene.  He's bringing his brushes with him and will be pinstriping everything from helmets to hot rods.


Dannö Drouin

Graphic Designer, Sign Painter, and Pinstripe Artist


Danno is the owner of Black Heart Designs in Bratford, ON, and 2019 will be his first visit to the AtNats and Pinstriper's Paradise.

 He is proficient in both hand painted methods as well as computer generated graphic design, and always strive for perfection in all that he does. Playing close attention to the details and always aiming to do what is right for the customer.

Brian Hansen

Moncton's own pinstriper and Graphic Designer

Brian is a well-known local artist, pinstriper, and owner of Heritage Signs & Graphic Designs in Ste-Marie-de-Kent, NB.

Brian has been following car shows and motorcycle events for over 40 years and will have some of his vintage signs on display during the Atlantic Nationals.